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[su_spoiler title="HOW DO YOU SEND US THE COMPLETED TRANSCRIPTS?" style="fancy" open="yes"]

Normally, the completed transcription will be delivered to you via email in both MSWord and PDF format.

Should you require the completed transcripts to be printed, photocopied, bound and delivered, the corresponding additional cost will also have to be charged to you.

[su_spoiler title="DO YOU ACCEPT ALL AUDIO?" style="fancy"]

We reserved the right to reject audio recordings of poor quality (muffled speech, noisy background, distorted sounds) or those containing heavily accented speech, which may be indiscernible.

We may charge additional for transcribing the sections of poor quality audio altogether.

[su_spoiler title="WHAT ARE YOUR LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS?" style="fancy"]

We accept videos/recordings in English, Malay and Mandarin only.

[su_spoiler title="HOW DO WE VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF TRANSCRIPTIONS?" style="fancy"]

You will be given 1 month from the time of delivery of our completed transcriptions to revert with any suggestions for corrections/amendments, which we will incorporate at no additional charge.

Any amendments for the completed transcripts after 1 month will not be entertained as we would have deleted all documents and audio files from our system by then.

[su_spoiler title="HOW CAN WE BE ASSURED OF PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY?" style="fancy"]

Since most of our clients' transcriptions involve private proceedings, confidentiality is our primary concern. We are bound by a confidentiality agreement upon being engaged.

During the entire duration of the transcribing job, your digital audio files and transcriptions will be stored temporarily in our server. These files will be retained by us for only 1 month post job completion. Subsequent to that, all computer files and documents held by us would be deleted or disposed off.

[su_spoiler title="HOW DO WE PAY?" style="fancy"]

We will immediately send an invoice upon receiving your audio / video file.

You will be required to make an upfront payment of 50% security deposit, prior to commencement of transcribing work, and the remaining balance will be required to be settled, prior to delivery of the finished product.

Payment can be made by e-banking ONLY. We will only commence transcribing upon the initial 50% security deposit being paid.

Bank account details will be provided upon the issuance of quotation.

[su_spoiler title="HOW DOES YOUR SERVICE WORK?" style="fancy"]


You upload your video / audio recording via our website platform, informing us of the required turnaround time



We verify the audio quality and calculate our charges



We send you our quote



You pay us an initial 50% security deposit



We commence transcription



We complete transcription



You pay us the remaining billed amount



We deliver the finished product via email

[su_spoiler title="WHEN DOES THE TURNAROUND TIME STARTS TO RUN?" style="fancy"]

Our turnaround time starts to run upon the receipt of 50% security deposit payment of the estimated bill cost.